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    Magnolia Park, which is designated as a low-density residential and local pedestrian and shopping district in Burbank, has a charming, old-town America feel with a distinctive film and television twist. Magnolia Park was initially developed as its own residential and commercial subdivision and received no city support. The neighborhood’s boundaries are Chandler Blvd. in the north, Clark Ave. in the south, Clybourn Ave. on the west, and Buena Vista on the east. Dairy owner Earl L. White arrived in 1915 and gave the neighborhood its start with his dairy and the first residential subdivision. White developed the first bank, service station, church, and radio station.

    Most of the early homes were built between the early and late 1920s and were a combination of Spanish Colonial, Tudor Revival, and California Craftsman. The remainder of Magnolia Park’s homes were primarily built in the 1940s, and are bungalows with anywhere from two to four bedrooms on modest lots. You will find a number of homes with distinctive remodeled interiors and exteriors, including pools and extensive landscaping, as well as simple starter homes. Magnolia Park is a completely walkable neighborhood with many tree-lined streets, sidewalks, green lawns, and brick walkways.

    Also known for its distinctive and charming shopping and dining district on Magnolia Boulevard, the neighborhood is almost the “anti-” shopping mall. Quirky shops line the boulevard, devoted to every interest from vinyl records to vintage clothing, horror books, and films. The district’s many vintage clothing and jewelry shops are the costume resource for many television shows, including period classics like “Mad Men.” You will find stores devoted to 50s Rockabilly memorabilia and can enjoy Ladies’ and Gents’ night out the last Friday of every month.

    If dining is your desire, you can easily walk to dozens of breakfast, lunch, and dinner destinations in Magnolia Park. From charming bakeries to “foodie” lunch and dinner establishments, many of the restaurants on Magnolia Blvd. have been operating for decades. Magnolia Park is also Burbank’s first “Green” District, with dozens of stores and shops that have committed to reusing, repurposing, and repairing clothes, bicycles, shoes, appliances, musical instruments, and more.

    A destination for customers all over Southern California with vintage tastes and interest in collectibles of all types, Magnolia Park is a neighborhood which values its history and the entertainment legacy of Burbank. You may find some excellent home values in the neighborhood and it is studio and industry-accessible with more than ample charm and class.


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