Huntington Beach

Golden bodies, golden beaches and big waves — for many, that is the image that is conjured up when they hear the name Huntington Beach. So, how good are this city’s beaches? Well, in 2018, Huntington Beach was voted the best California Beach by USA Today.  And this community has also earned the nickname Surf City. As special as these beaches are, Huntington Beach also has so much more to offer than just beautiful sands.  For instance, Huntington Beach was also ranked as one of the top 10 Happiest Cities in the USA in 2017 by WalletHub. 

Huntington Beach, which was incorporated in 1909, was once the home to the Tongva People. In 1784, this area became part of a Spanish land grant given to a soldier named Manuel Nieto, and over the years, this area changed hands several times, eventually becoming Pacific City. That is when a syndicate run by a man named P.A. Stanton bought up 40 acres of land so that he could create his vision of a West Coast Atlantic City. 

As it turned out, gambling and glamour were not the reason why Huntington Beach became a thriving city. Instead it was oil. In the 1920s, black gold was discovered in this area, and thousands flocked to this city. Ironically, even more residents descended upon the city after the black gold boom ended and the oil derricks were cleared away. From the 1950s to the 1970s, Huntington Beach expanded rapidly and was, in fact, the fastest growing city in the continental USA.  

Today, Huntington Beach is a relatively diverse, highly desirable community that is approximately 32 square miles in size. It includes eight neighborhoods, with some of the most popular being Bolsa Chica and Downtown. Housing options in this city are many and also diverse, ranging from apartments and townhomes to multi-million-dollar mansions, with the median home value in May 2018 being just above $819,000. In comparison, during the same time period, the median home value was $713,600 for Costa Mesa and $539,200 for Garden Grove.  

Huntington Beach has a lot to offer potential homeowners. This city has drawn a large number of eateries, ranging from elegant oceanfront restaurants to casual fast food outlets. And there are also plenty of places to shop in Huntington Beach. This city also boasts one of the longest piers on the West Coast, the Huntington Beach Pier. This city is also known for its many events, especially for hosting the nine-day U.S. Open of Surfing each year. To sum it up, Huntington Beach is a vibrant, fun, yet laid-back town that has something to offer everyone.