Bonsall Canyon

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    Inland from Zuma Beach between Kanan Dume Road and Trancas Canyon lies Bonsall Drive and the estates and equestrian properties along the road nestled in Bonsall Canyon’s unique ecosystem. The end of Bonsall Drive leads to the Zuma Canyon trailhead, which offers hiking in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, a national wilderness preserve with extensive natural scenery in the Malibu backcountry.

    The portion of Bonsall Drive and the Canyon which is close to the beach begins in the Zuma Wetlands. The Wetlands are one of the last remaining areas of this type on the California coast, offering a microclimate that supports many types of plant life, including orchids and trees providing a habitat for many different bird species. You may see Golden Eagles as well as more common California birds like quail nesting in the Canyon’s forested areas. Most homes in the area offer privacy and tranquillity as well as accessibility to the beach and the Pacific Coast Highway. Canyon homes are rich in beauty with lush landscaping that includes exotic flowers along with native sycamores and oaks. The riparian woodland along Zuma Creek offers a cool, unique respite from hotter inland regions in the backcountry.

    Bonsall Canyon residences are built on flat, extensive lots and share their residential privacy with a few specialized agricultural businesses (think orchids and organic fruits and vegetables) which are in the area. Homes range from architecturally unique custom single-story estates to rustic ranch homes with equestrian facilities.

    There are many beautiful canyons in Malibu and each has its own character. Bonsall Canyon is a retreat for those who love nature and beauty and value a respite from the hustle of urban life that is still within minutes of the Pacific Coast Highway and the city of Los Angeles.

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