Hermosa Beach

Each of Los Angeles’ three beach communities has its own character, and Hermosa Beach lives up to its name, which means “beautiful” in Spanish. Located south of Manhattan Beach and north of Redondo, Hermosa Beach is like a spectacularly beautiful friend who is also down to earth and welcoming to all. At the same time, homes on the Strand in Hermosa are elite estate and executive properties which will appeal to discerning buyers. Hermosa’s motto is “The Best Little Beach City” which reflects its compact size, extending approximately 40 blocks along the coastline and 15 blocks inland.

Hermosa Beach includes exclusive urban beachfront properties along the Strand which are located directly on the beach. The Strand is a paved boardwalk which runs from Torrance Beach all the way to Santa Monica. The city’s history includes being part of Spanish Rancho Sausal Redondo which means a large round ranch with willow groves. The beach became a popular tourist attraction and the first pier was built in the early part of the 20th century. Angelenos enjoyed visiting Hermosa beach and pier using the famous Red Car trolleys.

One of Hermosa’s main streets is Pier Ave., which today is a walkable street including many charming and trendy boutiques and interesting restaurants. Older bungalows and beach houses are located in the Sand section of Hermosa, Hermosa Beach Valley, and Hermosa Beach East. The small city is also known for its annual arts and crafts festival, Festival Hermosa, and Shakespeare by the Sea’s annual free oceanside performances. Due to Hermosa’s compact size, all neighborhoods are close to the beach. 
Hermosa’s flat, long, wide beach is a favorite for volleyball players and the Strand is beloved by bicyclists, joggers, and those who simply want to take an evening stroll by the shore. In addition to the Strand, Hermosa maintains the Hermosa Valley Greenbelt, which has led to the city being called a “world-class pedestrian city.”

Many of the homes along the Strand in Hermosa Beach are coastal modern architectural masterpieces. Some exteriors are designed with elegant and natural tropical hardwoods and high-end stonemasonry. You will find luxury homes beside the beach which include elevators, wine rooms, spas, and state of the art home security systems. Hermosa never lost its old-school beach town charm and beauty and new luxury homes today simply add to its atmosphere.

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