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Home Sweet Home: A Generational Dive into 2022's Homebuyers

Home sweet home

As the sands shift in the world of real estate, understanding the demographics behind the transactions can offer valuable insights. The recent National Association of Realtors recent report shines a light on 2022’s home buyers, painting a vivid portrait of generational aspirations. 

Gen Z (≤22 years) – The New Entrants

While they were the smallest percentage at 2%, Gen Z’s tentative first steps into homeownership speak to this generation’s early aspirations and family support.

Millennials (23-41 years) – The Dominant Force

Emerging as the largest group, Millennials took center stage with 43% of home purchases combined. As they advance in their careers, their desire for stability and investment becomes evident.

Gen X (42-56 years) – The Transition Phase

Representing 22% of 2022’s buyers, Gen Xers are redefining their living spaces. As their children grow and move out, their housing needs pivot, often leaning towards downsizing or relocating.

Baby Boomers (57-75 years) – The Retirement Strategists

Together, accounting for 29% of the buyers, both subsets of Baby Boomers are often influenced by retirement goals. Whether downsizing or buying a second home in a vacation spot, their purchases reflect a blend of practicality and aspiration.

The Silent Generation (76-96 years) – Continual Replanners

Proving that age is just a number, this generation, making up 4% of buyers, continues to redefine their living spaces based on changing needs and family dynamics.


As summer 2023 approaches, the data from 2022 sets the stage. The housing market will likely see a strong presence from Millennials, alongside significant activity from Gen X and Baby Boomers. With Gen Z slowly climbing the ladder and the Silent Generation making choices that suit their lifestyles, the real estate market is set for another dynamic season.

Real estate professionals must understand these trends to cater to the distinct needs of each age group. By tailoring their strategies and communications, they can more effectively assist clients in their homeownership journeys.

Image/Video Suggestions:

  • Infographics showing percentage breakdown of home buyers by generation.
  • Clips or images of homes representing each generational trend (e.g., starter homes for Gen Z, family homes for Millennials).
  • Montage of families at various life stages exploring potential homes.