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Calabasas’ Market Canvas: February’s Figures Paint a Prosperous Picture

As the sun sets on another month in Calabasas, the real estate market has tales to tell that could intrigue even the most seasoned investor. February’s figures have danced on the ledger, and we’re here to pirouette through the numbers that make this market pulse with potential.

February’s Top-Tier Transactions

The high-end homes in Calabasas saw a flurry of activity with the top sale peaking at $2,625,000 for a pristine residence at 4208 Park Lido. These top sales underscore a market thriving with desirability and investment prospects.

Inventory Insights

With 247 homes on the active listing radar, the Calabasas market has maintained a boutique selection that meets the discerning tastes of our clients, matching luxury with exclusivity.

Price Dynamics

The average sales price elevated to $1,962,406, a notable leap from January. This uptick reflects a market in motion, with buyers valuing the unique Calabasas lifestyle that each square foot captures for a premium of $808.

Market Momentum

Homes in Calabasas lingered a touch longer on the market, averaging 48 days before finding their match. Yet, the sale-to-list price ratio hovers close to perfection at 99%, a testament to the pinpoint pricing strategies employed.

As Calabasas continues to charm with its serene ambiance and luxe living, February’s market report signals strength and opportunity. For those who know that value isn’t just in the numbers but in the quality of life, Calabasas stands out as an investment beacon.