Memorialized by “Tonight” show host Johnny Carson as “Beautiful Downtown Burbank,” the San Fernando Valley anchor city is a great place to live. With excellent schools and many family-friendly neighborhoods, Burbank is also considered the “Media Capital of the World.” Major employers in Burbank include legacy and new media, including Disney, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, the Cartoon Network, ABC, and Insomniac Games. 

Burbank’s Verdugo section is named after one of the early Spanish colonists and includes the Verdugo mountains and foothills adjacent to the Angeles National Forest. The majority of the town was subdivided and settled beginning in the 1870s by dentist and sheep rancher Dr. David S. Burbank. Dr. Burbank, similar to James Irvine in Orange County, was a sheep rancher. 

Burbank’s neighborhoods can be commuter-friendly, as the 134 and 5 freeways cross the city and it is close to the 210 Foothill Freeway. The city has its own airport, which has an interesting history as the original Lockheed “Skunk Works.” Famous flyers at the Burbank airport included Wiley Post, Amelia Earhart, and Howard Hughes. Although it is closely associated with the entertainment industry, Burbank also has many parks and nature trails, and its southern neighborhoods are adjacent to Los Angeles’ Griffith Park, the largest natural urban wilderness park in the United States.

A number of Burbank’s older neighborhoods with single-family homes were developed in the 1940s and 50s. New construction includes a number of condominiums north of Interstate 5 in the Verdugo foothills, as well as single-family homes, including gated communities with executive and estate homes. Additional executive properties may be found near the studies in newer gated developments.

Burbank offers a rare combination of family-friendly neighborhoods with strong local schools with the sophistication and excitement of the entertainment industry. Shopping and dining opportunities are excellent with a number of thriving regional retail centers. The city is safe, with strong services and local planning. Whether choosing an upscale condo for a carefree lifestyle or an executive view home in the Verdugo Hills, discerning homebuyers will find much to like in Burbank.

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